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3-on-6 Arch Restoration

This revolutionary cosmetic dentistry/dentist procedure is only offered at Smile Clinic locations, including Boston Massachusetts.


All of our dental implants and permanent denture implant procedures come with a correct fit and no breakage guarantee.


Smile Clinic has the experience of having performed thousands of dental implants and full mouth smile restorations.


How much will your new smile cost? Our business model and volume of dental implants allow us to offer amazing work at amazing prices.


Our Boston Massachusetts doctors are 3-on-6 Denture Implant certified and all of our cosmetic dentistry lab work is done at our own facility.


How much will the brilliant smile you’ve always wanted and renewed confidence change your life? Patients all over the country have bigger smiles.

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3 on 6, The All On 4 Alternative

Boston Smile Clinic is proud to be the sole provider of the 3 on 6 procedure in the New England area. Having received specialized training in Salt Lake City, Dr Lee provides the 3 on 6 as an affordable and superior option to the all on 4. Using bridges instead of dentures, the 3 on 6 creates a beautiful, natural looking smile, without the inconvenience of having to remove the bridges for cleanings. You can clean the bridges yourself from the comfort of your own home. It’s the ultimate, permanent alternative to dentures.

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3-on-6 Full Mouth Smile Restoration


Modern Dentistry Clinic

At Boston Smile Clinic we are using technology to make dental restoration treatments look better, more affordable, and more comfortable than ever. From our 3D imaging technology, to our hydrophilic dental implants, to our state of the art dental lab, when you combine our technology with the fact that Dr. Lee has placed thousands of dental implants, you get a winning combination in cosmetic dentistry. Our scanners work faster, our implants heal quicker, and our lab work is made out of the finest materials available, making your experience comfortable, and quick. We can fully restore your mouth in less than half the visits it can take in a normal dental office.

Our Range of Dental Care Services

3-on-6 Full Arch Restoration

Replaces your upper or lower arch for a new, low hassle, beautiful smile.

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All-on-4 Full Arch Restoration

Replaces your upper or lower arch for a new, secure, beautiful smile.

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Dental Implants

Dental implants and bridges are a secure, permanent method of replacing missing teeth.

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3-on-6 Full Arch Restoration


All-on-4 Full Arch Restoration


Dental Implants

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